(Il)Logical Progression

Random Musings by the Truly Random

Well, here goes nothing!

Ah, the internet.  Refuge for the anonymous.  Soapbox for the vocal (or in this case, wordy).  A place where people can say what they want, when they want, with little consequence, save perhaps the occasional snarky comment.   Hmm…

I’ve never thought that I have much to say that others would want to read about/listen to, but I find myself being rather vocal on other forums and boards, awaiting and choosing opportunities to express myself (quite often in length).  So, I thought to myself, “Why wait for the opportunity?  If you blog, then you’ve always got an opportunity!”

And so, we arrive at my first attempt at blog immortality…

(Il)Logical Progression.

What’s it about?  Like most out there, it’ll be about whatever I decide to post…  Most likely it will contain stuff about my experiences in World of Warcraft (to include but not limited to wordy responses to other WoW blogs and such), miniature gaming (like Warhammer/40K, WarMachine/Hordes, or Flames of War), scale modelling (mostly Gundam), and anything else I can think of.  We’ll just have to see – I’m new to all this, and I don’t believe in beginner’s luck.

Who’s it targetted at?  It’s targetted at anyone who will be willing to give up a little bit of time to read.  (Which at this point should be nearly nobody.)  How long it stays like that will be interesting.

Why am I doing this?  Honestly, the jury’s still out on that.  Maybe I just like to see my thoughts in words?

And why (Il)Logical Progression?  Because it’s going to be a little bit WoW-inspired (hence the Progression), and very (il)logical (the “me” part).

Beyond that?  You’ll have to just wait and see… because even I’m waiting to see.

Here’s to a hopefully long-lived and well received blog.

My 2 yen to anyone reading,


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  1. Welcome to the grind! 🙂

    Comment by kyrilean | March 17, 2009 | Reply

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