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Progress – 3/23/09

Has it been that long since I wrote a progress update?  Here we go.

Progress made: 

  • Levelled up to 66 on my new Death Knight, and am at 56 on my Shaman.  Moved guilds on my Shaman to be with my Death Knight in Lords of the Underworld, and am much happier for it.  (Might have to consider studying Restoration, though – we’re short on healers.)
  • Picked up a Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard controller for playing World of Warcraft.  Spent time setting it up, and a short review of it will follow soon.
  • Won the last week of the regular season in my work Fantasy Basketball league.  CA’s Winning Kings are in the #2 seed, up from #4 last week, thanks to an 8-1 winning week, and have a bye for the Quarterfinals Round. 
  • Wrote a couple of lengthy comments on other peoples’ blogs, and got a nice response from Larisa regarding her thoughts on the people factor of WoW.  The original article with comments is from The Pink Pigtail Inn.
  • Found a great deal on HD-DVD copies of Battlestar Galactica – Season 1 and Heroes – Season 1, both series I’m curious about but not willing to purchase at even used DVD prices.  ($10 each at Fry’s, due to the demise of HD-DVD!)
  • Actually was pro-active about getting myself checked out internally at the doctor’s office, and found out that I’m good at the moment.

Progress not made this week:

  • Still didn’t study my Japanese.
  • Still didn’t paint any figures or build any models.
  • Added a potential peripheral to my wish list, the Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard.
  • Haven’t upgraded my cell phone (I’m eyeing an iPhone, I think).
  • Haven’s sent my PS3 in for repair to Sony.

That’s about all for now – I need to do a review on the G13 sometime real soon.

My 2 yen,


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