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I’ve been reading around the WoW Blogsphere for about two months now, not really all that long, but enough that I’ve gotten a feel for a some of the blogs I read regularly.  Most of the blogs on my “World of Warcraft” bloglist I’ve been following for at least a month, and I’ve decided it’s time to give a few highlights on them, and why I read them, in the hopes of directing a few more readers their way, though I know that some of them are already huge on their own, but I consider it a good shoutout to those that continue to entertain me on a daily basis.  These will be in alphabetical order, since I don’t think I could actually rank them accurately.


Artisan Level – The thoughts of a female guild leader, this blog explores many of the facets about raiding guild life, what it’s like being a guild master, a little about gender issues in WoW, and a little bit of Roleplaying every now and then.  Oriniwen is articulate, direct, and informative, and her how-to posts about being a raider in a serious raiding guild are great resources to be perused.

The Big Bear Butt – Druish goodness in all its Feral nature, this blog is one of the most entertaining on the Net.  BBB, with guest appearances from his wife Cassie, enlightens his readers with excellent opinions and information on Druids, primarily Feral specced, various elements of the game, including other players, and entertaining stories of his past life as a U.S. Marine.  He’s prolific, well spoken, glib, and puts a lot of himself in his posts, to the reward of his readers, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve thought about starting up on his server to try to apply to the Sidhe Devils, his guild.  A must read!

Big Hit Box – Lives up to its tagline of being the definitive melee blog.  With an excellent stable of melee class writers, the site gives great information about melee classes, builds, and game issues that pertain to those classes.  I’ve used the site to great effect building Taoren (currently an Enancement Shaman), and props have to be given to Stoneybaby for his posts on the Enhancement Shaman build.

Big Red Kitty – The cream of the crop of WoW blogs, this Beast Master Hunter site is extremely entertaining, well-thought out and very informative.  BRK’s blog contains Hunter news, recaps of his WoW activities, hilarious stories of his experiences in the U.S. Air Force, presented in a unique and fun manner, through anecdotes, his “BRK and the Brain” stories, podcasts, and lots of movies and screenshots to further reader experiences.  His knowledge of the Hunter class is as such that he is currently producing the Hunter guide for Project Lore, a comprehensive multimedia WoW-guide currently in the works.

Greedy Goblin – This blog is one that deals with WoW in a manner unique to all the blogs I’ve read to date.  It is the thoughts and ideas of one Gevlon, a self-proclaimed goblin, as his focus within the game is business.  His approach to the game is very profit-oriented, and he believes in individual progression and gratification.  He tends to feel that the average players in WoW are there to buy his things and little else, and he often shuns the social aspects of the game that many others seem to value highly.  His business information is quite good, often taking aspects of the game, such as the Auction House, and showing how application of real world business practices can be done within the game.  He can be a bit direct, but if one can get through his attitude, there is good information to be found.

Holy Discipline – A very pleasant blog to read, Anea, a Dranei Holy/Discipline specced Priest, shares her views and opinions of the WoW experience.  She is very artistic in her blog endeavors, valuing the Roleplaying experience, and breathing life into her characters.  She is very eloquent, and her blog is a ray of sunshine in the WoW blog world.

The Pink Pigtail Inn – A more recent addition to my bloglist, Larisa, the Gnomish Mage, breaks the mold regarding my dislike of Gnomish characters.  She also brings to light an emotional side to the game, much like Anea, and tries to maintain that WoW is part of her life, as she intermixes her life posts with her WoW posts.  While she does not write about the more nuts-and-bolts aspects of WoW as often, her grasp of the human side of the game is excellent, and her writing conveys her message well.  She is Swedish, as well, which adds a European view to her writing, and allows for those readers not on EU servers to hear a little about life on those servers.  (She also does not mind long comments to her posts, which suits me just fine!)

The Scourge – Since I finally unlocked the Death Knight class earlier this month, I have been an avid reader of this blog.  Omenscourge is well versed in playing his tanking Death Knight, and his primers on specs, rotations, and tanking basics are a boon for all who wish to try creating a tanking Death Knight.  His information is very good, well presented, graphically enhanced, clear and concise.  I stand by this site as my main resource for playing Arhys, my Unholy Tank Death Knight.

Too Many Annas – A good site for Restoration Shamans, Anna provides good guides to building and playing the healing class.  Her guides include some real gems, such as articles on being a Healer, leveling a Shaman, and even how to communicate in a Raid.  She is also an avid Roleplayer, and she has frequent posts and guides on Roleplaying, and even a story archive for her Roleplaying posts.  A very good site for those who wish to pursue the vocation of Shaman Healer.

Welcome to Spinksville – The newest addition to my Bloglist (added today, in fact), this blog, written by Spink, a Protection Warrior from the UK, presents her opinions regarding WoW and other MMO games.  While my experience with her blog is less than that of the others I regularly read, what I have seen is very well done.  Spink has impressed me with her analyses of various issues within WoW and other games, and is not afraid to add some meat to the bones of her posts.  While slightly lengthier than the posts of other bloggers, the information presented is of no less in quality, and often with greater depth.  I look forward to exploring Spink’s writings in more detail, but I also felt that what I have read of her writing has already added me to her list of regular readers.

World of Warcraft, Eh? – The only webcomic on my list, this blog/comic is fast becoming a new favorite of mine.  A well illustrated comic, author and artist Kelly Aarons presents the life and times of Cadistra (a Tauren Druid) and Kissless (her Blood Elf Paladin companion).  The humor is good, the art is excellent, and all of it with a slightly Canadian twist to it.  I look forward to its increasing success, and a shoutout has to go to Anea of Holy Discipline for showing us the path.


I hope, for those who have not yet visited these blogs, that this small list helps guide you to those blogs that I frequent.  While not a comprehensive list of the blogs I read, these are among my favorites, and the ones that I check most frequently, and enjoy on practically a daily basis.

My 2 yen,


P.S.  The last blog on my list is that of my pal, Joe Salama, over at You Really Shouldn’t Waste Your Time Reading This!!!  While new to the blog world, he is a veteran Lakers’ fan, and has decided to put some of his basketball wisdom into words.  Give his blog a look-see, if you like basketball – he’s always up for a debate, discussion, or general Laker lovin’.

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  1. Thank you for the glowing review! This surely made my day 🙂

    I hadn’t yet read Welcome to Spinksville, thank you for linking her – she looks like a great read!

    And as a sidenote: Cadistra of WoW, Eh? is a Tauren Druid, not a Shaman :] I’m glad I was able to link you to her comic!

    Comment by Anea | March 27, 2009 | Reply

    • Heh. I knew that about Cadistra. I must have had a brain lapse. Thank you for the correction, I’ll edit the article. =)

      Thank you very much for the reply – it makes me feel good to have someone known in the blog community actually look at this page, even if it’s not as refined as some. (I’m still just getting used to remembering to write stuff regularly.)

      Thanks again, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future, Anea.

      My 2 yen,


      Comment by Akiosama | March 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Wow! What a beautiful mentioning about my blog. I feel honoured! Your blog looks really promising. As you know by now I don’t fear walls of text – I love them!
    Welcome to the blogosphere as a provider. I hope you’ll enjoy your posting and get numerous readers!

    Comment by Larísa | March 31, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank you, Larisa. I’m also honored to have you see this blog of mine. I’m happy for your encouragement, and I hope to put a few more things up that will garner some discussion.

      Keep up the good work on the Pink Pigtail Inn. From the links I make in my posts, your topics give me lots to talk about.

      Thanks, Larisa!

      My 2 yen,


      Comment by Akiosama | March 31, 2009 | Reply

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