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A return to blogging?

I sure hope so. I’ve been really busy recently considering all that’s changed since I last looked at my stuff. It’s a bit amazing that anyone’s looked at this place at all since my last post, but for that I thank you all who have come to look.

A bit about what’s up on my end – I’ve finally gotten past the long dark void that is the rough cycle of my job, though it’s not that much easier at the moment. I hit 80 a long time ago… and I’ve gotten heavy into raiding. I’ve left the mindset that was Unholy, and I’m running Blood (DPS) and Frost (Tank), and I’m pretty happy. My gear is getting there, and my skills are definitely coming up. My guild is starting to raid, and while it’s a little different than it was before (not as casual a feel), it still seems to be holding together. We’re closer as a guild, but less social, take that for what you will.

Still, it’s fun, and I hold to my previous posts. I hate soloing now, and I’m glad to have people to share my WoW experience with. That group is growing, too, as I meet people from the other guilds we’re raiding with. Groups are quicker to come together for the higher level content.

I do wish for some lower stuff some days, though. I’ll work on it.

As for the rest of my happenings – I managed to win my Fantasy Basketball league at my workplace, which netted me some nice cash for spending on something completely extraneous… (I think I picked up a DVD set or two with it, but I don’t exactly remember), Tales of Vesperia will be making a debut on PS3 in September… and a few other things here and there keeping me on my toes (Beatles RockBand, anyone?)

In any case, I hope to have more regular updates here – certainly better than a multi-month unannounced hiatus.

Again, thank you to anyone who is still reading this.  I WILL be back soon.

My 2 yen,



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