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2012 – What I hope to accomplish

Here we are, one week into 2012.  I feel as though if I don’t write things down in a list in regards to what I hope to complete this year, that by February, I’ll have no idea what I meant to do in the first place.  I’m sure I’ll add to this list mentally as the year goes on, but here’s (Il)Logical Progression’s 2012 To-Do List (in no order of importance):

  • Get out to see at least one concert – I really got into modern country music last year – Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker, and a lot more.  As Brantley Gilbert sings, “Country must be country-wide…”, and it seems that Los Angeles is indeed a rather popular venue for Country Music, despite the bad rap it’s gotten over the years.  Last year’s Taylor Swift concert series (4 events) sold out practically overnight.  I’m hoping to get out to see at least one concert this year – my hope is for Lady Antebellum in March – they’re playing with Darius Rucker and Thompson Square, both of which are performers that I enjoy.  If Shinedown or Rascal Flatts gets out here this year, I’ll try for those, too.
  • Tidy up – I’ll admit, I’m not the neatest person, and I think it’s about time I get that in order.  It gets in the way of getting stuff done, leads to some damage to my things, and just shouldn’t be tolerated anymore.  I think if I can get this in order, it will lead to the next thing on this list.  This goes for my car, too.
  • Set up a place I can do my hobby work – I have a couple craft hobbies that I enjoy doing.  For those that are new to this blog, those are miniature painting and scale modeling.   Looking around at home, though, I notice that there are too many boxes that are just collecting dust for both of those hobbies, mostly because it takes me nearly 20 minutes to set up a good place to work, and another 15 minutes to close down when I’m finished.  That’s over a half hour just prepping and cleaning up a space to work!  So, if I can eliminate a majority of that time by having a dedicated workspace, I might be more inclined to actually do something with these hobbies. That goes for setting up my air compressor and airbrush this year, too.  I’ve had it for far too long to have never used it.
  • Continue writing, both here at (Il)Logical Progression, and for my ‘novel’ (?) –  Writing here lets me keep in practice, and gives me an outlet to just say whatever’s on my mind.  I don’t do that enough, and while I don’t know who’s actually reading it, it’s not really the point of it all, now, is it?  At least for the blog.  In addition, I hope I can get more chapters out for my story, and who knows what that could end up being?  The idea seems solid enough to me – who am I to keep it from taking form?
  • Get healthy – I’m honestly trying to commit to getting healthy again.  I want to eat better – but not suffer – workout more and get in somewhat athletic shape so I can do things I’d like to be able to – like basketball, golf, and bowling – without worrying about passing out.  And to that effect, I need to get my asthma under control.  It sucks, but it’s something I need to do if I a) want to do those things without risk, and b) live a longer, more comfortable life.  I’m not getting any younger.
  • Define myself – I realize that so far in my life, I’ve not really been able to say anything definitive about me – except that “I’m a quintessential Rabbit/Libra.  I’m good-natured, open-minded, prone to looking at both sides, and try hard to keep the peace,” – but I’m not really that young anymore, and I don’t really know what I want it to say on my epitaph.  I really need to figure out what that is and really work towards it – I need to stop drifting along in life.
  • Secure work – This isn’t totally in my control, but I feel like I’m off to a good start for 2012.  Fingers crossed.

And that’s what 2012 will hopefully look like for me.  I’m hoping that this list here, and the itch to update it, will keep me honest with myself in 2012.  Lord knows I need the help.

Stay tuned!

My 2 yen,


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